Miss Kelly Robin - The World Famous Girly Freak Show!

The Girly Freak Show is the wonderfully bizarre creation of Slymenstra Hyman of GWAR! She has gathered up some of the most strange and facsinating women this side of the stratosphere- and sometimes beyond!
Slymenstra's Girly Freak Show features an ever-revolving cast of Girly Starlets , including- Ula the Painproof Rubber Girl, Kitten on the Keys, Camanda Galactica, Stardust, Amy O'Neill, Miss Satanica, Stardust, Kitty Diggins, Selene Luna, Kari French, Brianna Tarnower, Brandy from the Genitorturers, and many more.
Girly Freak Show also features Zamora the Torture King, and our wonderful live jazz band- Mike Bolger and Jason Myers!
Stilts! Stunts! Fire! Fakirism! Glass Dancing! Glass Eating! Geek Shows! Precision Bullwhips! Sword Ladders! Mind Over Matter! and The Amazing Tesla Coil Stunt!!!

SLYMENSTRA HYMAN- AKA DANYELLA DE MEAUX- has over 9 World Records for fire-breathing and the Tesla Coil. She is able to breathe 30ft. fireballs, and pump millions of volts of electricity through her lucsious body. She is also an expert in precision bullwhips, walks up a ladder of razor sharp machettes, swings the biggest fire torches in the world, eats glass, and sings jazz like sultry songbird in a speakeasy.
She has performed with The Velvet Hammer Burlesque and is a wrestler and featured dancer with Lucha VaVoom. She has had countless appearances on TV. She is also on the cover of the August 2004 issue of National Geographic as a part of The Bros Grim Sideshow.

ZAMORA the TORTURE KING is known world wide for his wild negotiation of mind over matter. He is able to put 12 gauge needles through his arms and jaw, walk on eggs, grab white-hot metal with his bare hands, eat fire, and walk on hot coals- and these are just a few of his talents! He has been featured an many, many television shows, like Ripley's Believe It or Not!, and has his own show in Vegas on the strip called SHOCK! He is one of the most successful sideshow performers in the world!

ULA THE PAINPROOF RUBBER GIRL is able to bend her body to epic contortions. She is a favorite on Coney Island with her aerielist antics, and contortions on beds of nails and razor-sharp machettes. She co-founded the Girly Freak Show with Slymenstra in 1996.

MISS SATANICA is the Dare-Diva of sideshow and burlesque! Her stunning stunts include unbelievable fire shows that incorporate, flaming parasols, impossible fire eating tricks, and setting her self on fire in the ever-popular Flamin' Tata's act. She also does the world's most dangerous glass-dancing act, glass eating, sword dancing, and juggling. She is also a stuntwoman for tv and movies and has been featured on HBO's Carnivale series.

STARDUST is our resident hottie. Besides being a multi-talented and versitile artist she is absolute eye-candy and a REAL video vixen. She has been featured in videos, for Brittney Spears, Christine Aguilara, Mandy Moore, and Lincoln Park. She is a fire goddess adept with staff, fire fans, fire-eating, and stilt walking. She is also a great presence on the stage as Miss Spidora's keeper, and Madame West's whipping girl assistant.
She is also a great hair artist as well! Please go to for more info.

MIKE BOLGER and JASON MEYERS are the "2 Man 12 Piece Band" of the Girly Freak Show! As the Impossible Jazz Impresario MIKE BOLGER is able to play trumpet and Accordian at the same time! He also plays organ, tuba, mellophone, and piano. His stylings have been compared to Sun Ra's in Downbeat Magazine with the Skip Heller Quartet.
JASON MEYERS is a guitar virtuoso who has created an amazing amalgamation of the guitar and bass where he is able to play both parts at once! Hence we like to call him The Man With 2 Brains! He also plays the ukulele, trombone, banjo, and KAZOO! He also works with King Kukulele on a regular basis- and hasn't beat him up yet- but there's always time!

KITTY DIGGINS has a face from another time. She is a flame haired beauty who is famous for her classic burlesque dancing and has been an integeral part of the burlesque revival. She is also active with the preservation of burlesque history with Dixie Evan's Exotic World Burlesque Museum and Pageant.

Friends of the Girly Freak Show include~
Kitten on the

The next Girly Freak Show is scheduled for May 6th, 2004 at the CIA in North Hollywood.
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