David Erickson - Destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Park April 6, 2005

These are photos of the destruction of the Muwekma
Ohlone Sancturary on Islais Creek, April 6, 2005,
which resulted from the greed and corruption of the
Port of San Francisco, who has yielded to pressures
from Mission Bay/Catellus and many other Port
tenants in the "Backlands" or heavy industry group, on
the south side of Islais Creek, along Amador and
Cargo to build a "convenience" bridge, or one block
short cut ( amador to chavez) to Illinois street as a
direct route to the Mission Bay/UCSF financial
opportunities in development.
The Park has had thousands of 94124 children visit
and participate in the Park over the years, and now the
Port, despite all, as well as the loss of $75,000 of
environmental education and habitat restoration
grants, that have now been lost to the Muni/PUC pipe
collapse disaster in Novemeber 2001 and more, as not
only destroyed what little is left of the Muwekma
Ohlone Park, but now is building a massive intermodal
bridge through the Park, and our business community.

A minimum of 2000 diesel trucks per day will replace
the Park (location of the last remaining colonies of he
Pacific Chorus Frogs in San Francisco) and all the
businesses and artists in this local.

Following the construction of the Illinois street bridge,
comes the San Francisco ReDevelopment Agency, who
will mow down,and gentrify the predominately African
American Hunters Point Bayview Community, exactly
like how the SFRDA did in the Historic Fillmore district
only 2 decades ago.

Time for all us small guys to wake up and "fight the
powers that be."