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John ashcroft the buffoon signing on company time!!

a good list on antiteror by artists

what WAR REALLY looks like!

http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0304/S00005.htm THE REAL STATE OF THE UNION

shit is really fucked up in the U.S. and especially Ca., heres an example of what happened just this week
A new study from the Center for Public Integrity revealed that the 70 companies that have benefited the most from $8 billion in government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan collectively contributed more than $500,000 to President Bush's 2000 presidential campaign. Congressional negotiators stripped a measure criminalizing war profiteering from the final version of the $87 billion spending bill for Iraq.

i insist that everyone get involved with their local communities, and take back their government, vote, and be the change they wish to see!

Now Ward Connerly, the shameful black Republican frontman for a handful of resegregationist billionaires, is launching a new campaign against civil rights. He is attempting to organize anti-affirmative action ballot initiatives in several states. The resegregatationists are targeting Michigan specifically in order to nullify the US Supreme Court victory for affirmative action in the University of Michigan cases.

May, 2,2003
well, this "tax break" the republican party is pushing thru is quite scandalous and the NY Times of all rags has been railing agaist it for months and you should too! it is a wholsale rip-off of the people and a looting of the OUR US treasury, we may never get out of the black hole they are digging us into, you know it will take more paperwork to get the poor mans tax break than it will for a millionaire for a millionaires tax break!
everyone, heads up, from hear on out things only get worse, even if we can finally oust these sick fuckers from office the trillion dollar debt hole may never ever be able to be revived from!

Here is my dear friend Mike Dingles list of fantastic humane website that are, well, very cool and against oppression of other humans: Quoting Mike Dingle : > Hello out there ... sorry for such a short time between updates, but when I > went to actagainstwar.com, I noticed it sent me to a selection from the > Bible, so I am making the change. The Direct Action to Stop the War site is a > ".org" ... I didn't receive any complaints... and Fraser Clark is in the Bay > Area for the next two weeks - if you want to meet him, respond. > > Don't lose your sense of humor. Keep a copy in your inbox for handy > reference, I keep one in my hotmail inbox for sharing with folks while > travelling. Work for peace ... MD > > www.addictedtowar.com - get the incredible comic book "Why the US can't > kick militarism" - excellent links list. > http://davesweb.cnchost.com/ - Center for Informed America (Dave MacGowan) > Subscribe!* > http://www.harpers.org/weekly-review/ - good overview, perspective and irony. > Read Weekly! > www.thismodernworld.com - Tom Tomorrow's weekly cartoon, observations and > more, good forum > http://www.kpfa.org/ - morning show/democracy now/flashpoints/free speech > radio news - streamed audio > www.guerrillanews.com or www.gnn.tv - check out AFTERMATH: Unaswered > Questions from 911, get GNN wire* > http://sf.indymedia.org - excellent local coverage with a global > perspective* > www.actagainstwar.org - keep up with local direct actions* > www.commondreams.org - one of the best, most even-handed overview sites* > (recent addition) > www.antiwar.com - updated daily on the whole range of issues > www.annoy.com - Clinton Fein's biting satire, not for the squeamish but worth > visiting regularly > www.parallel-youniversity.com/ - UK sage Fraser Clark's multi-colored > compilation weekly - UPgrade* > > www.globalresearch.ca - globalization and much more, updated daily, good > compilation site > www.wsws.org - world socialist web site - good daily news coverage > www.votetoimpeach.org - Register now, keep the pressure on > www.moveon.org - Effective at reaching congress, raising money, reaches > 2,000,000 people! > > www.truth-now.com - news, issues and merchandise (deception dollars), good > compilation site > www.cooperativeresearch.org - relatively non-dialectic compilation and > information site, user friendly > www.crisispapers.org - Bernie Weiner's well arranged anthology on Empire and > the issues, good link section* > http://www.democraticunderground.com/top10/ - conservative idiots of the > week, always interesting > www.ratical.org - 911, nuclear issues, rat haus reality, piano lessons, and > more from David Ratcliffe > www.questionsquestions.net - 911 research and more > www.whatreallyhappened.com - 911 timeline and related issues > www.truthout.org - something for everyone on this home page > www.corpwatch.org - The name says it all, excellent corp news updates* > www.fair.org - Fairness and Accuracy in reporting (Norman Solomon et al.) > www.eff.org - Electronic Frontier Foundation - keeping the Internet open, > protecting techno civil rights > www.tenc.net - Emporer's New Clothes (Jared Israel)* > www.copvcia.com - From the Wilderness (Michael Ruppert)* > www.michaelmoore.com - Keep Stupid White Men and Bowling for Columbine on top > of the charts * > www.jimhightower.com - Bring the Rolling Thunder bandwagon to your town! * > www.gregpalast.com - author of "Best Democracy Money Can Buy" > www.monbiot.com - UK Guardian contributor George Monbiot > http://rense.com/ - Jeff Rense, his spin, artwork and links > www.brianwillson.com - essays on U.S. arrogance in domestic and global > affairs > www.nuclearpolicy.org - Dr. Helen Caldicott's new media organization > www.salon.com - the original online webzine > www.tompaine.com - common sense inspired by one of the originals > www.democracyrising.org - Ralph Nader > www.counterpunch.org - Alexander Cockburn et al. > http://www.ourfuture.org/front.asp - Campaign for America's Future, > progressive bent * > www.smirkingchimp.com - covers the administration as it should be covered > http://www.corporatepredators.org/ - duh? > www.fearbush.com - double duh? > www.thedailyenron.com - The action on Iraq as cover up for this and other > corporate crimes. > www.mwaw.org - media workers against the war > www.akpress.com - publishers - also "Democracy We Deliver", t-shirts > > * denotes free mailings if you provide e-dress, probably more provide this > service than I have noted-md > > As of May 1 >

" The Postal Service decided not to take part in Operation TIPS, the new federal program that sanctions "millions of American truckers . . . train conductors, ship captains, utility employees and others" to snoop for America and report any "suspicious terrorist activity" they happen to come across. Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge pointed out that "There's a big difference between being vigilant and being a vigilante," to allay concerns that the program would cultivate Peeping Toms. The head of research at Walt Disney agreed to become the head of research at the National Security Agency.

Robert S. Mueller, the director of the F.B.I., admitted that the bureau might have been able to prevent the September 11 attacks if it had responded appropriately to a variety of intelligence reports. Mueller announced that he was creating an Office of Intelligence as part of a major redesign of the agency. Henceforth, he said, the F.B.I.'s first priority will be preventing terrorist attacks. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that the F.B.I. is changing its internal guidelines and now would be permitted to carry out surveillance on domestic political and religious groups in situations where no specific criminal conduct is suspected. The old regulations were imposed 25 years ago in reaction to widespread abuses of power by the bureau. Civil libertarians complained that the F.B.I. was being rewarded with new powers for its failure to make use of the ones it already had.




Rudy Giuliani is a creep, he disneyfied NYC and got power hungry and tried to capitalize off of the twin tower attack by TRYING to run for a 3rd term even though he ran for term limits and his time was up. Talk about capitalizing from others' misfortunes......

"Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." (Ben Franklin)

interestng, really my life hasn't changed since "9/11", except the endless droning and marketing ploys by the media to keep people tuned in, you can't hear "news" you want to hear, well, i was supposed to be in a show at EXIT ART in NYC , BUT THEY SEEM TO HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS, i am losing my civil rights I understand, there is this sinister "patriotism" in the air that is all about losing you individualism, otherwise it is the same...... i am broke, i make art, i hang with friends, i garden, i pet my kitty. No differences.

This is a truly brilliant brief weekly newsletter that gives you the rest of the story you NEVER EVER hear in the conservative mainstream media
-by Roger D. Hodge
a sample:The Pentagon performed another rigged test of its antimissile system; this time the "kill vehicle" actually struck its target, which was emitting a homing beacon. * * * * * * * * *




Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories. - Arthur C. Clarke

funny guy:
!Bush Jr. bozo quotes, our puppett president, it is hard to believe!^&%#^%$#@! http://www.realchange.org/bushjr.htm#quotes

green party information, they ROCK!!!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric A. Smith Hot Damn! Design 81-03-3959-5371 snowdog@juno.ocn.ne.jp   (please distribute among your membership.)   An Emergency Call-to-Arms: A Five-Step Battle Plan for YOUR Future   This is a call to arms to you -- as an American and a custodian of your nation's future. Please act as if your life depends on it -- it well might.   We have been led down a dark, perilous road.   The journey has touched us all, from mothers and fathers burying children in a war over nonexistent WMD, to firefighters and policemen promised vital funds only to be cheated and asked to work for free. Millions of Americans have been cut loose as corporations exploit foreign workers on the cheap and CEOs gorge themselves on riches unprecedented in history. While Americans take second and even third jobs just feed their families, the Bush Administration has poured America's wealth into the greedy hands of defense contractors and tax-dodging megacorporations, notorious companies like (#1 Bush donator Kenneth Lay's) Enron or Cheney's wartime ripoff-artists at Halliburton.   Our environment, safety, economy, national security, labor protection and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights have all been gutted and left to die in a worker-hostile economy.   NOW WE FIGHT BACK.   Here's what we're facing:   This November, the Bush election machine has more than three times the spending power of its opponenets(1)   And they are fighting dirty, just as they did in 2000, when they purged Florida voter rolls(2), rioted to stop recounts(3), barred citizens from voting (ibid) and even threatened the Vice President and his family on their front lawn (4).   This year, through gerrymandering, data theft from Congressional computers, impeachments and recess judicial appointments, they are trying to consolidate their unprecedented power. And they have a special election-season surprise in store for us as well -- as the AFL-CIO argued before the Supreme Court last December(5), the Bushites have MADE IT A CRIME FOR THIRD PARTIES TO CRITICIZE THE PRESIDENT OR SAY THINGS TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION during the election's most critical phase:   "This blackout will become national in scope on July 31, 30 days before the August 30-September 2 Republican National Convention . . and it will then continue without interruption throughout the remaining 60 days until the November 2 election. Thus, from July 31, 2004 until the election, it will be a crime for a union, corporation, or incorporated non-profit organization to pay to broadcast any 'reference' to the President by 'name,' 'photograph,' 'drawing' or other 'unambiguous' means anywhere in the United States." (6)   They are ruthless, and will not concede victory without a vicious fight. Expect the outlawing of gay marriage to "divide and conquer", marginalize opponents and consolidate support from the religious right, a base estimated to be 30 million strong (7). Expect the Supreme Court to halt recounts again. Expect a "surprise" discovery of WMD even after Blix, David Kay and Iraq's scientists saying they were all destroyed. (8) Expect the "suprise" capture or "destruction" of Bin Laden conveniently close to the election (9). Expect lots of scary terrorism warnings and perhaps even an attack.(10) General Tommy Franks has even suggested a second 9-11-scale attack will lead to martial law in America (11).   None of this should deter you; remember it was the same group (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Baker, Bush Sr., Perle, etc.) that armed and funded Hussein and Bin Laden in the first place. The blood of our dead is therefore on their hands.   We must not underestimate the ruthlessness of those willing to start an international war based on known and transparent lies -- virtually against the will of the entire planet. Make no mistake; they are willing to throw away American lives in their quest for global dominion. And if you rise up and oppose them, you may be bullied, harassed and threatened, perhaps even by the FBI.(12) YOU MUST NOT LET THIS DETER YOU. WE MUST NOT BE BULLIED INTO LETTING THEM SEIZE POWER AGAIN!   And here we come to the deep, dark heart of the matter:   This year 28% of the vote (and counting) will be tallied on electronic voting machines or scanners, which have been repeatedly hacked and can be used to fix an election -- all without a trace. Below you'll find a link to the diagrammed, step-by-step report of how e-vote activist Bev Harris hacked one(13). If you think this is exaggeration, please follow the links listed below, where everything has been well-documented and by the NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, the BBC, etc. (14)   Once paperless, effortlessly hackable (10) voting machines have been installed, the situation will be PERMANENT -- we will never know or be able to prove if an election has been stolen. And if it HAS -- those who have stolen it CAN NEVER BE VOTED OUT. And without the fear of voter reprisal, whoever takes advantage of such a situation could do literally anything they wanted and NEVER LOSE POWER. It will mean the end of Democracy. And if you work for an activist group, it will certainly mean the end of your organization.   We have less than six months to prepare to fight the biggest power grab in human history.   Do your part.   Help save America.   There will not be a second chance.   A 5-STEP BATTLE PLAN:   I. LOBBYING  (20 minutes approximately) Tell your representatives to support Bills H.R.2239, 1986, and ESPECIALLY 2045 (14)   Online e-petitions: http://www.truemajority.org/actionregister/ http://action.eff.org/action/index.asp?step=2&item=2821 http://www.verifiedvoting.org http://www.workingforchange.com/activism/petition.cfm?itemid=14993 http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/348035553?ts=1079111375&sign[partner_userID]=304336170&sign[memberID]=304336170&sign[partnerID]=1 http://www.blackboxvoting.org/cleanvote.html   Congress http://www.senate.gov/ Toll free: 1-800-839-5276 http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/   State elections boards http://www.blackboxvoting.org/htdocs/dcforum/DCForumID29/47.html   State Attorneys General http://www.naag.org/ag/full_ag_table.php   State Election Officials http://www.nased.org/   Members, Natl. Assoc. of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks http://www.nacrc.org/leadership/st_coord.htm   Penelope Bonsall, national director of the Office of Election Administration Office of Election Administration Federal Election Commission 999 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20463 vss@fec.gov (202) 694-1095 (phone) (202) 219-8500 (fax)   II. MEDIA BLITZ (one to three hours approximately) Write a ltter and email or fax it to Radio & tv stations, newspapers & magazines in your area: http://dmoz.org/Arts/Television/News/ http://newslink.org http://www.cantufind.com/american_newspapers.htm http://dmoz.org/Arts/Radio/Formats/Talk_Radio/Networks/ http://dmoz.org/Arts/Radio/Formats/Talk_Radio/Stations/ http://dmoz.org/Arts/Television/Networks/Cable/ http://dmoz.org/Arts/Television/Networks/ http://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Broadcasting/Information/   National Media Contacts: CBS Evening News 212-975-3691 evening@cbsnews.com NBC Nightly News 212-664-4971 nightly@nbc.com Peter Jennings : ABC World News Tonight Tel : (212) 456-4025, Fax : (212) 456-2381 PeterJennings@abcnews.com Washington Post : abramowitz@washpost.com, colemanm@washpost.com , letters@washpost.com , hadarm@washpost.com , kingc@washpost.com , milbankd@washpost.com , New York Times: nytnews@nytimes.com, oped@nytimes.com, president@nytimes.com, publisher@nytimes.com, society@nytimes.com, washington@nytimes.com, web-editor@nytimes.com, letters@nytimes.com USA Today: editor@usatoday.com Houston Chronicle: viewpoints@chron.com San Francisco Chronicle: letters@sfchronicle.com Los Angeles Times: letters@latimes.com Chicago Tribune: ctc-TribLetter@Tribune.com Washington Post: letters@washpost.com Newsday: letters@newsday.com New York Daily News: voicers@edit.nydailynews.com   CNN HeadLine News executives : cameron.baird@turner.com, dave.willis@turner.com, bill.schneider@turner.com , james.broyles@turner.com, jason.evans@turner.com, lou.dobbs@turner.com , moneyline@cnnfn.com , kathy.slobogin@turner.com , paul.varian@turner.com , judy.fortin@turner.com, bill.galvin@turner.com, susan.jalali@turner.com, kurt.kasting@turner.com, tim.mallon@turner.com, wade.mckinney@turner.com, jerry.mihoch@turner.com, stephanie.minter@turner.com, dennis.newman@turner.com, alan.schrack@turner.com, rolando.santos@turner.com, steve.shusman@turner.com, jennifer.c.thomas@turner.com, USA Today : editor@usatoday.com , fanklam@usatoday.com , jbacon@usatoday.com , lbranson@usatoday.com , dcolton@usatoday.com, Los Angeles Times : dean.baquet@latimes.com , op-ed@latimes.com , john.carroll@latimes.com , janet.clayton@latimes.com , letters@latimes.com , latmag@latimes.com , marjorie.miller@latimes.com, john.puerner@latimes.com james.rainey@latimes.com, bill.stall@latimes.com , REUTERS : michel.gelbart@reuters.com , eddie.evans@reuters.com , editor.reuters@reuters.com, daniel.grebler@reuters.com , stephen.jukes@reuters.com , reshma.kapadia@reuters.com , andrew.mitchell@reuters.com , dick.satran@reuters.com , david.schlesinger@reuters.com, eddie.evans@reuters.com , washington.daybook.newsroom@reuters.com, miami.newsroom@reuters.com, michel.gelbart@reuters.com, boston.newsroom@reuters.com, toronto.newsroom@reuters.com , mexicocity.newsroom@reuters.com , Associated Press: info@ap.org, msilverman@ap.org, gjohnson@ap.org , hjung@ap.org tkorte@ap.org , sthomsen@ap.org etompson@ap.org , ntrott@ap.org rtanner@ap.org, mtighe@ap.org, kathleen.carroll@ap.org, dcrary@ap.org, adinnocenzio@ap.org, jaffleck@ap.org, mfeldman@ap.org, paula.froke@ap.org, tfuentez@ap.org, kgazlay@ap.org, chanley@ap.org, bharpaz@ap.org, lheinzerling@ap.org, rherschaft@ap.org, hitalie@ap.org, sjacobsen@ap.org, ajesdanun@ap.org, tkent@ap.org     III. WITNESS E-VOTE EVALUATIONS (one afternoon) Ask your elections board (about any e-voting purchase evaluations meetings to be held in your district. As a member of the voting public, it is your legal right to attend as a witness, although, out of convenience, they may try to avoid giving you the information. Insist on your rights.   If you do attend as a witness, you may well be a victim of intimidation tactics. Insist on voter-verified paper ballots. Bev Harris has written comprehensive answers to arguments you will hear. DO NOT BACK DOWN OR BE INTIMIDATED BY CIVIL SERVANTS -- they are your EMPLOYEES, paid by YOUR TAXES:   From Bev Harris, http://www.BlackBoxVoting.Org   Assertion: "Upgrading the printer already in the (Diebold) machine costs money" Fact: Diebold has stated in writing that their pre-installed internal printers are sufficient to generate a voter-verified paper trail.   Assertion: "The paper is very expensive" Fact: No, thermal paper is the cheapest made. And with an estimated maximmum of 300 people voting at each touch screen. A LARGE precinct may have seven touch screens, but many have just two or three. It might cost $15 per precinct to print those ballots.   Assertion: "The paper won't last" Fact: If the report to be by the machine will last the required amount of time, the ballots will too, if printed on the same paper. The printer is there to report totals at the polling place.   Assertion: "the machines will jam" Fact: The printer is similar to models used in supermarkets and WalMart. Remember: the total number of transactions, will be about 300. Do supermarket and WalMart printers jam every 15 sales? No; They process thousands of printouts without jamming.   Assertion: "the ink will run out" Fact: There is no ink in a thermal printer   Question: "If a paper ballot record doesn't match a machine record, which is the legal vote?" Fact: The voter-verified paper must trump the machine unless a mechanical defect or fraud is shown, because it is a physical record seen and verified by thousands of individual voters, whereas the machine is bits and bytes that can be changed by a single technician!   Assertion: "Paper ballot systems have been tampered with" Fact: Yes, and machines have been frequently wrong as well. Do not allow sidetracking of the discussion or assertions that you are "against electronic voting" -- no, we want them to put paper in a printer and use it for auditing.   Assertion: "Officials won't know what to do with paper ballots and new laws must be written." Fact: Laws and procedures set up for optical scans are applicable.   Assertion: "A paper trail will only lead to demands for more complicated and stringent auditing" Fact: Yes, it will. We're asking for that anyway, with optical scanning. It is still be cheap and efficient compared to many of the changes currently being implemented to accomodate the sales of more touchscreen machines.   Question: "Why use machines at all if you're demanding paper ballots?" Fact: Voting machines are helpful for the visually impaired   Assertion: "Paper ballots prevent the visually impaired from voting" Facts: Wheelchair-assisted voters can use a touch screen with the same efficiency whether or not there is a paper printout, and the visually-impaired are can be provided with headphones for these machines. Nor does a paper printout hinder their ability to vote.   Alternatives to the Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S machines (operated by heavily partisan CEOs, designed to operate WITHOUT a paper trail, and whose code and components are not allowed to be examined) exist.   Avante Systems has a machine that shows a printout through a glass screen. After the voter confirms it is correct, the paper ballot is droped into a storage box so it can be checked against the machine totals and the AccuPoll system has a scanner that can pass over the printed ballot to verify votes.   Alternative, secure e-voting machines you can suggest to your elections officials: http://www.accupoll.com/ http://www.aitechnology.com/avantetech/home.html   IV. VOLUNTEER ELECTIONS MONITORING (three days approximately, including preliminary training) Vootewatch is organizing election monitor volunteers here: http://www.votewatch.us/forum/register.php?   Bev Harris has outlined a point-by-point strategy on specifically what to look for when monitoring electronic voting machines. It is also recommended that you either download her free e-book "Black Box Voting", or better yet, purchase it here: http://www.blackboxvoting.org   From Bev Harris, http://www.BlackBoxVoting.Org   CITIZEN WATCHDOGS: What to look for and report -- Let's get good at this before November!   Optical-scan systems and absentee ballots: We have information that all systems recognize carbon-containing marks (soft lead pencil). Some DO NOT recognize all inks. You may want to bring a soft lead pencil to the polling place with you to mark your optical-scan ballots.   All Diebold counties (AccuVote and AccuTouch are Diebold brands) -- Ask that the poll workers print a report and post a copy at the polling place at the end of the day, whether they are required to or not. All Diebold machines, both touch-screen and optical-scan, contain internal printers and have the ability to print a polling place results report. This takes 60 seconds and costs nothing, and is an important check and balance to compare with the county results from the GEMS system, which we believe to contain security flaws. Votes should not change from the polling place to the county.   Report any instance of mismatched polling place/county tabulations here. Do NOT accept the excuse that they won't match because early votes, absentee, provisional, or challenge votes were added into the polling place totals. That is called "co-mingling" the data and is not an acceptable record-keeping practice. Additional categories of votes must be accounted for as separate line items.   Sequoia touch-screens do not have an internal printer. A printer can easily be hooked up with a serial port. If you see printers, demand a polling place report.   Watch for any "wandering vote tallies" on election night, especially if any votes go DOWN. (Yes, this has been known to happen).   Late poll openings: Report these immediately and we'll try to get cameras there. This is a form of vote suppression, often occurring in minority areas.   Late vote results: Report late incoming tallies. These can be indicative of the county trying to resolve voting machine anomalies before filing reports.   Observe how many cords come in and out of the voting machines. Report any evidence of networking the machines together. Report any time you see more than a simple power cord plugged in while the election is in progress.   Wardrive election sites. See if you can pick up wireless signals either during or after the election. Wireless communication is not permitted. Also, report any use of cell phones for vote transfers, which is also not permitted.   Election workers: Report the procedures used for training if they seem insecure. For example, we have already had reports that in Georgia, some poll workers were told to take voting machines home after training; Georgia flag artwork was uploaded right before the election; and other unwise and insecure procedures were followed.   Go visit the polling place at the end of the day and see how secure it is. We had reports recently of machines left in the polling place unattended.   Felony watch: In some states, IT IS A FELONY for technicians who are not sworn elections officials to touch the vote database in any way, shape or form after votes have been cast. In fact, if you look at Chapter 13 of Black Box Voting, the San Luis Obispo incident was probably illegal (Diebold tech Sophia Lee was tied to a live vote database that appeared on the Internet five hours before the polls closed).   Watch for statistical anomalies. Look at everything. Time is of the essence, as these analyses take some time and there are only a few days before the election is certified.   V. LEGAL CHALLENGES (indeterminate)   Author Lynn Landes has questioned the constitutionality of voting machines. http://www.ecotalk.org/VotingMachinesUnconstitutional.htm   If your organization has the wherewithal to raise a legal challenge on these (or other grounds) here are some resources below:   Election campaign and civil rights lawyers listed for every city: http://lawyers.findlaw.com/lawyer/practice/Election%20Campaign%20&%20Political%20Law http://lawyers.findlaw.com/lawyer/practice/Civil%20Rights   Institute for Justice: http://www.ij.org/index.shtml   Center for Indiviual Rights: http://www.cir-usa.org/intakehtml   Class actions: http://www.bigclassaction.com/civil_rights.html   Southeastern Legal Foundation: http://southeasternlegal.org/   Electronic Frontier Foundation attorneys: gwen@eff.org jason@eff.org owlswan@eff.org wendy@eff.org tien@eff.org fred@eff.org   Other challenges: http://www.palmbeachpostcom/localnews/content/auto/epaper/editions/tuesday/local_news_04d49255058760a400d8.html http://www.electionguardians.org/actions.htm http://www.blackboxvoting.org/dieboldlawsuit.pdf   Pax Christi is also organizing an international group of elections monitors. 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