Rudolfo - Cyclecide

Check out the photos from the L.A., Point Arena, and Treasure Island Bike Rodeos. Choppers, Tall bikes!
Also, there are photos by Jay.

Tour DaTour Detour 2003 [9]
Here are a few photos from the Spring 2003 Tour.
How Berkeley Can You Be?!? [8]
September 24, 2000 the Bike Rodeo participated in the How Berkeley Can you Be Parade. I had a great time riding a tall bike behind a flatbed truck kickin' out the Jams, muthafucka.
Treasure Island Bike Rodeo [3]
On First of July, the Rodeo swung by Treasure Island. Luckily, the authorities did not shut us down, and the event went well.

Check out photos by DP!

L.A. Bike Rodeo [34]
Here are a bunch of photos I took on the trip to the June 24th Bike Rodeo in Los Angeles. 14 funny looking people rode an old school bus from SF to LA to participate in a carnival of scraped knees.
Point Arena Bike Rodeo [18]
On July 2, the Bike Rodeo went to Point Arena, a small (population 420) town on the Northern coast of California. A rather large crowd showed up in this small town for 4th of July festivities. Fireworks, live music, men and women on Harley's, Seemen, and of course Justin and Erin with their mass of bicycles!