Miss Kelly Robin - art of bleeding

Miss Satanica has been appearing with the notorious MARGARET CHO! She also just shot a fire dancing scene for "Into the Wild" Directed by the enormously sexy and talented SEAN PENN! And she was directed by the wildly imaginative video director DEAN CARR for the new music video for Canada's super group BILLY TALENT doing CONTORTION! with the Enigma!

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LA Weekly

"An Extra Dash of Sizzle!"
The Olympian

"In a nostalgic piece of by-gone burlesque, Miss Satanica performs a fan dance that puts the "tease" in striptease"
Adult Industry News

"In surely the evening's highlight, Miss Satanica wowed the audience with what can only be described as an expression of her inner S&M. After prowling and cavorting on the stage, the strapping, fleshy Satanica pounced on bits of broken glass. Afterward, she offered the disbelieving audience a display of fire-eating prowess."
The Oregonian

"Did we say Yum!"
L.A. Alternative Press

"Miss Satanica Szandor's wild, infectious grin put the act over the top. She must be having fun, or something!"
Paul from the San Francisco Burlesque Orchestra

“One of the finest displays of dangerous fire dancing!”
The LA New Times

“hot and sexy!”
FOX News

“ha ha!”
LA Alternative Press

Hello! I am a sideshow darling based in Hollywood, California.

I specialize in fire eating, breathing, spinning, and I have beautiful props like flaming parasols, head dresses, tridents, and even a flaming menorah!

I perform World's Most Dangerous Dance on Broken Glass- where I perform contortion and other danger-defying feats on a bed of 300 broken bottles and eat lightbulbs, juggle , perform balance tricks, and a Tango with deadly swords.

I do all kinds of shows, everything from children's shows to burlesque and even (gasp!) benefits!

If you are interested in some hilarious entertainment for your event you can email me!

You can also catch me on the new FOX show, "Princes of Malibu" on July 10th. The Bravo Series, "Forty Deuce", HBO's Deadwood, and HBO's Carnivale series out on DVD now!