David Erickson - Good bye to Islais Creek

These are photos of the current Illinois Street
Repaving Project via SF DPW in conjunction with
the Port of San Francisco's Proposed Illinois
Street Bridge, which will competely destroy our
local community, businesses, artists, the
Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary,and is just part of
the gentrification coming to Hunters Point,
Potrero Hill, Islais Creek...essentially everything
in the Central and Southern Waterfront. All of
this development has been orchestrated by SF
Redevelopment, Catellus, PUC, SF Port and
numerous businesses in the "Backlands" located
at the end of Cargo Way and Amador Street. The
community has said no no no for many years, yet
the bureaucracy continues to implement their
corporate controlled agendas...which will lead to
the demise and displacment of thousands of
people, small businesses and artists. What a joke
during these times of financial stagnation.
Ultimately all these projects will crash, not unlike
the dot com bubble, and again, the citizens, the
small guy will pay for the disasters created by
local and federal bureaucracies driven by the
need for greed.