1999-2000 - Courtship Machine
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This show was originally going to be on Valentines day but for whatever reason it got moved to the following weekend Feb.20,1999. Anyway i built this Courtship machine for VD Day. Two male figures on wheels(operated by an unseen audience volunteer) circle the female in the center(operated by the woman with green hair, i don't know her name) courting her,begging for attention. They go around faster and faster spinning in a 20' circle, she pans left to right,and starts shooting 20' flames at one of her suitors.He goes up in a ball of flame still franticly circling his prey.The audience surged back. She pauses for a mere second and starts after the second suitor/stalker lighting him up in no time also, both flaming bachelors keep chasing each other around faster and faster still trying to impress the goddess until they are reduced to what you see in this pict. The hunter become the hunted. Rudy sez:With fire! Yeah Haw!