Master Mind Machine
This is the Master Mind Machine, a robot I made, installed at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. It has an EEG interface, you put the EEG headband on and as your thoughts change the robot responds!, really, it took a long long time to get this made, i pondered the idea for like 8 or 9 years, the Exploratorium crew was invaluable helping make this happen!.
A hybrid human machine system
Reactive art, art that reacts to you= a machine that responds to your thinking/intellect
This is a robot that reads your mind and responds to your thought processes an changes. Can your mind control the robot or does the robot control your mind and body?
Much of my work involves finding interactive ways to blur the boundaries between people and machines. Getting to know this mechanical being takes some time and effort, and it’s not always clear what exactly it’s going to do. Is it simply responding to you, or are the two of you really interacting? Who’s controlling whom? These deep uncertainties raise intriguing emotions—fear and trepidation, perhaps, but also anticipation and wonder, the excitement of the new, the thrill of contact. These are projects to explore new forms of interpersonal communication through touch, force-feedback technology, cyberkinetics, intimacy, social interaction via technology, machines, robot, fear, play, machine, human and animal interaction, rite of passage and empowerment.

pict. by karen Marcello